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Between The Chimes 

(The Answer to all the questions ... GOD!)

 Why was TWCOL written?

I can only say that "The Wind Chimes of Life" is a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit because I had no idea that my diary, (a.k.a. survival journal) was destined to become a book.

My personal life was in a very difficult place of transition and turmoil, when the Holy Spirit prompted me to write down what was on my heart.
Surprisingly as I began to write, it became an "emptying out" experience for me; a release for candid emotional feelings that I could not (or did not) express to anyone else. When poured out on paper, my heart, conscience and soul were laid bear with vulnerability; unconstrained because I did not plan for anyone else to know what I was truly feeling inside.  All throughout this writing journey, I kept seeking encouragement, direction and wisdom from my Heavenly Father to help me make it through all the hurt and discord that seemed to surround and overwhelm me. 

Then, it happened! The Holy Spirit quietly revealed to me that what I had written was for sharing with others because I wrote about life; and everyone could relate to what was on the soul splashed pages of my heart. 
I did hesitate ... but by faith and with much prayer came the courage and boldness, the determination to publish my heart.  
I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit put everything in place for this spiritual birth and delivery of  heart-filled encouragement and inspiration from me to you  ...                               "The Wind Chimes of Life"

Job 38:1 (TLB) 
“Then the LORD answered Job from the whirlwind.”

Have you ever been betrayed, bullied or slandered?
Yes, yes and yes; I have certainly had these experiences in my personal life! 
And, since this infamous trio, unfortunately, is intertwined in the fabric of the world's lack of kindness, I know that many of you have experienced the same. 

It Hurts - when you are ostracized by those that you care about; or do not "fit in" with your peers and feel left out and marginalized; deemed an outcast by society's "in-crowdsocial class. 

Betrayal, bullying and slandering are among the arsenal of tools that the enemy uses
to try and destroy your self-esteem; and steal personal virtue; discourage and frustrate you; and even control your existence with intimidation's fear and seclusion's silence.

It is human nature to want to be liked, loved and accepted, however, it is most important to not allow any assault of the enemy to hinder your walk with Lord Jesus Christ.
And although, bullying (along with its gangland collaborators betrayal, slander and gossip) is no respecter of person, age or sex; nor family, stage or position in life; it can't stand up to                         ALMIGHTY GOD's Terms of Righteousness! 

Deuteronomy 3:22 (NIV) 
"Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you."

The love of GOD never changes! 
He Still sees, knows and cares! 

Sincerely,  Debra

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